Lipofirm Pro Treatments

Bye Bye Love Handles, Cellulite Be-gone, Tighten that Post Pregnancy Tum!

Body Treatments

Lipofirm Pro technologies use heat and muscle stimulation. The heat stimulates fat metabolism and the release of liquid fat from inside the fat cells. The muscle stimulation causes the muscle to contract and alongside gentle pressure from the applicator head the fat cells are squeezed.

The movement from the muscle aids drainage and the waste fat is naturally removed using the bodies own lymphatic system.

Over a course of treatments the results achieved are…

  • Inch loss

  • Skin tightening

  • Body sculpting

  • Cellulite reduction

  • Lifting

  • Toning

The Lipofirm Pro targets fat in the abdomen/love handles, thighs and arms as well as a lifting treatment on the bum.

Face Treatments

Lipofirm Pro technology heats the skin on the face and neck and causes the fibres to contract which results in immediate skin tightening.

The heat also triggers the fibroblast cells to produce collagen which is a must for healthier looking skin and can improve…

  • Plumping fine lines and wrinkles

  • Skin tightening on the face and neck

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Aging skin prevention

  • Jaw lifting and toning

  • Facial contouring

  • Wrinkle reduction around mouth, eyes and forehead

This treatment tightens sagging skin on the face and neck. It restores and stimulates elasticity and firmness by triggering collagen production. Targets “jowls” for instant lift.

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Lipofirm Standard treatment (30 mins) Lipofirm Extended treatment (45 mins)
Course of 4 Standard treatmentCourse of 4 Extended treatment
Was £640
50% Sale Price £319!
Was £880
55% Sale Price £396!
Course of 8 Standard treatmentCourse of 8 Extended treatment
Was £1280
55% Sale Price £576!
Was £1760
60% Sale Price £699!

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