Face Treatments

Our hands and face are to parts of our body that are constantly subjected to the elements and the suns UV rays, unfortunately the result is damaged skin. Fortunately these are the two areas that can be treated to help the appearance of damaged skin.

There are two main concerns when clients come to us facial treatments. One is fine line and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and forehead and the other is sagging of the jaw line. These are two contributing factors when it come to aging. Both concerns can be treated in the same session.

  • Fine line and wrinkle reduction – When RF (heat through radio frequency) is applied to the skin it breaks down the damaged collagen and regenerates stronger fibres which result in the plumping of wrinkles.

  • Jaw lift – The muscle stimulation tones and lifts the jowls to give you a defined and contoured jaw line.

  • Hands – RF is applied to the skin on the hands, which will reduce the wrinkles and tighten the skin.


Standard treatment (30 mins)Extended treatment (45 mins)
Course of 4 Standard treatmentCourse of 4 Extended treatment
Was £620
40% Sale Price Now £372!
Was £820
40% Sale Price Now £492!
Course of 8 Standard treatmentCourse of 8 Extended treatment
Was £1240
50% Sale Price Now £620!
Was £1640
50% Sale Price Now £820!

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