Lipofirm Pro Treatment on the Stomach and Thighs

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Meet our client Helen, a 47 year old woman who found out about the Lipofirm Pro treatment through an advert we posted in the local paper in Croydon. While Helen is active and has a healthy lifestyle, she has cellulite on her thighs and loose skin on her tummy from two pregnancies 20 years ago.

She wanted to reduce the fat and tighten the skin around her stomach and love handle area.

She also wanted to smooth the skin on her thighs and reduce the fat on her inner thighs. The advertisement stated these are the areas the treatment targets. She was particularly interested in the non-surgical aspect, meaning no knives and no downtime.


Helen chose to treat two areas (her stomach/love handle area and her thigh/buttock area). Shape and Tone Aesthetics uses the Lipofirm Pro. This is a non-invasive treatment, proven to be safe and effective to reduce fat, cellulite and tighten skin. Using dynamic muscle activation and Radio Frequency RF (heat) from the applicator head, a pulsing current is passed through the skin and directly targets the fat cells.

These two technologies, combined with external mechanical pressure, metabolise the fat cells and create waste in the form of liquid fat. This waste is removed naturally using the body’s own lymphatic system. Simultaneously, the RF boosts the collagen to tighten the skin. Finally, the muscle stimulation helps to shape and contour the area. The overall effect is inch loss, tightened and firm skin, as well as cellulite reduction.


Each week, Helen has been weighed and measured to record to ongoing results, helping to keep her motivated and on track with her healthy lifestyle.

A requirement of the treatment is to drink two litres of water a day. This is essential to flush out the waste fat. There were days where Helen forgot to drink or because of her job, wasn’t able to. However, her intake has improved as the weeks have gone on and with gentle reminders has incorporated it into her lifestyle. Not only has this helped the treatment but has had an effect on her skin and digestion.

After 4 treatments, Helen was so impressed with the results that she continued with the treatment and has now had 8 sessions in total. Her tummy and love handle area have reduced, meaning she no longer hangs over the top of her jeans. The cellulite on her legs has improved dramatically, and the thighs are smooth and toned. She feels more comfortable and confident wearing slim fitting clothes.

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