You stand in front of the mirror, you turn to the side and breath in, you turn around and there it is….your beautiful behind! Yes we are talking bum and thighs. Whether it’s covered in jeans or tights or a cheeky thong we want to feel great about our backside. Many women talk about wobbly thighs, achieving the elusive ‘gap’ and cellulite. We can target these concerns but first of all let’s get to bottom of why we have them.

Are you in that 10% of women who don’t have cellulite? Lucky you! Or are you in the 90% that does? Boo!

Most women at some point in their life will have cellulite; it can appear on the tummy and arms and predominantly on the back of thighs and buttocks. It can affect petite to plus size women and it is the dimpled skin often referred to as orange peel because of its appearance.  So we know what it is but why do we have it?

Female hormones play a huge role in cellulite and the back of the thighs in particular are responsive to the hormone Oestrogen. Oestrogen can prevent the breakdown of fat cells and it can also stimulate an enzyme responsible for fat growth. Cellulite is not caused by fat but the structure of fat. In women the fibres connecting the fatty tissues is not as tight as it is in men. This means the fat can bulge through and lead to the bumps under the skin (cellulite) It is combination of fat cells becoming larger and the connective fibres ageing and weakening.

We know why we have cellulite but can we really do anything about it?

Many studies have often stated that smoking, drinking alcohol and sitting or standing for long periods of time are contributing factors. Making changes to your life style may help.

The bottom line is, as women we are very likely to have cellulite at some point in our lives, it is normal and there is no cure, however at Shape and Tone Aesthetics we use advanced technologies that can dramatically reduce cellulite and fat and here’s how.

Reducing the size of the fat cell and increasing circulation are the two points to address when dealing with cellulite. To reduce the size of the fat cell we deliver heat and direct muscle stimulation, alongside the mechanical pressure we increase circulation. This improves the blood flow and removes toxins. These combined technologies remove fat and smooth and firm the skin. After a course of four to eight treatments the appearance of cellulite will be improved and a maintenance treatment every two to three months will ensure long lasting results.

Wiggle your booty with pride by reducing the size of your thighs, smoothing the skin and give your buttocks a lift. Non surgical treatments are the go to procedure for getting the results you desire in a safe and effective way.