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There is nothing quite relaxing as massage. Whether its stress, muscle pain or just for some you time. Massage is a fantastic way to enhance your overall sense of both physical and emotional well being.

Your Shape and Tone Aesthetics therapist has years of experience and over time has perfected her technique to help with reducing muscle pain, relieving stress and leaving you feeling totally relaxed.

Sooth your muscles with just the right amount of pressure and heat with a Swedish massage. For extra tension deep tissue massage can relieve stiffness in your problem areas which tends to be neck, shoulders, lower back and legs.

Using a combination of aromatherapy hot oils melt away your tension and relax your muscles. Reduce the level of your bodies stress hormones to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. Improve circulation and remove toxins from the muscles that cause discomfort. During the massage you will feel totally relaxed but as a result you will also feel the energising benefits for the rest of your day.

Enhance your face, scalp and hair health with a pressure point massage that increases blood flow to the area which nourishes your skin and hair and improves cell growth.

Massage is a wonderful treat to yourself that you deserve so take some time out of your day and come and see us. You don’t know what you have been missing!

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The massage was great and totally relaxing, just what I needed


5 star treatment, really helped loosen my neck and shoulder, will definitely be back

  • Swedish Massage – Our most popular massage will leave you totally relaxed. Enjoy hot towels on your feet and complete the experience with a head massage. Focusing on pressure points to relieve tension

  • Deep Tissue Massage – Focused pressure on achy muscles, great for post workout


Standard treatmentExtended treatment (larger area)
Course of 4 Standard treatmentCourse of 4 Extended treatment
Now £300
Now £400
Course of 8 Standard treatmentCourse of 8 Extended treatment
Now £560
Now £700

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and treatment to treatment.