Waxing Treatments

Removing hair with wax the hair is pulled out form the root. This means it takes far longer for the root to develop and a new hair to grow through. Having a wax every four to six weeks is so much kinder to your skin. Over time the weakened hair follicle will result in sparse and finer re-growth.

At Shape and Tone Aesthetics we only use hot wax on sensitive areas like underarms and bikini. Hot wax is gentler because there is no strip involved that pulls the skin. An oil is used to act as a barrier and therefore only the hair is removed and not a layer of skin cells. Your therapist will give you aftercare advice to help reduce any ingrown hairs or dryness from previous shaving.

Whether you want a Hollywood (everything off) Brazilian (strip on top) or just a tidy up, we take every care to ensure this treatment is as quick and comfortable as possible.

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Made to feel very relaxed for my first Hollywood, nowhere near a painful as I anticipated, will definitely be back


The wax was very professional and thorough and I felt at ease throughout

  • Ladies Hot Wax – Intimate area, under arm, face

  • Ladies Strip Wax – Legs, arms and buttocks

  • Male Hot Wax – Eyebrow, under arm

  • Male Strip Wax – Back, chest, stomach, shoulders, buttocks, arms and legs


Standard bikini (hot wax) Extended bikini (hot wax)Underarm (hot wax)
Hollywood bikini (hot wax) Brazilian bikini (hot wax) Eyebrow
Full legHalf legUpper lip
ButtockChestBack and shoulders
Chest and shoulders Back, chest and shoulders

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person and treatment to treatment.